Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2 years ago

i cannot believe it that 2 years ago kylee came into this world. it feels like yesterday we were rocking her to sleep and now she just says nite nite and goes to bed. Looking back i realize that i am so happy to be a mommy and kylee has to be the best thing that has ever happened to me. To kylee, you have grown soo much and everyday is a new adventure. You are so special to me and love you so much and glad you are a part of my life. Here are some few things you love to do. You really love to draw, we color and draw all day. i love watching you draw faces and then put ears and hair on your face. You also love the outside, you love to play in the sand box, slide, swing and play hidding go seek. i love waking up each morning to you and your smile when you look at me and then when you say mommy. we always lay in bed for a little while and spend quality time together, i treasure that soo much. also we take naps together and i love to watch you fall asleep. you suck your thumb and either rub my face or ear, we get really close and you just melt my heart. i love watching you play with daddy and zoe. yall have so much fun. you love to go to nana and pa;s because they have a the cool toys and plenty to do outside. you also love to travel, we are so lucky that you are really good and just go with the flow. you have been to orlando, cancun, niagara falls, myrtle beach, panama city beach, chicago, san diego/hollywood/LA, and numerous weekend trips to the lake and gatlinburg. you can talk so well, it is so nice that we can now talk back and forth. over the past 2 years we have grown so close together. i love that you accept me for who i am, even though i am not the best singer and dancer, you think i am and i love that. so tomorrow is your birthday and i hope your fever goes away because me and daddy took off all day to spend time and have a family day, what ever you want to do. we love you soo much. i am looking forward to more fun times with you.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Falling apart

well, i was going to talk about kylee again which is my life, but i feel like discussing the fact that i am falling apart. over the last couple of weeks everything is going wrong with me. First, about 3 weeks ago i hit my elbow on the nursing station at work and hurt my arm. i finally seen a specialist and he stated that i have affected my ulna nerve so i am in my 2nd of 4 weeks of physical therapy that i attend twice a week. then last week i got mastitis and clogged duct, don't know how because i haven't breastfed in 7 months. now last night i lost my contact in my eye, which i still haven't found and dug forever trying to find it, then this am woke up with severe pain and my eye matted so the eye md met me at the office this morning and stated i have an abrasion and a cut in my eye so i have worn a stupid patch all day. so now the patch is off but still hurting like hell and i still feel like my contact is in the corner of my eye. so that is my story, ijust don't know what is g0ing to happen next besides david taking me out and shooting me. all while still taking care of kylee and getting ready for work tom. i don't know whether i need to wear all pads to work or if i am going to make it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Terrible Two

Kylee is going to be 2 already next month. Everyday is a new day of learning and she amazes me so much by her learning. She can talk your ears off one minute then be so shy the next. You never know what kind of reaction she is going to give to people. Even though most days are wonderful she has her moments and i am trying to figure out how to deal with them. She is in this period when you tell her "no" and she starts throwing anything at hand or if her mouth is full you can't say the "no" word or she begins to spit. Now of course your immediate reaction is to duck, run and pretend she is not yours. i have tried it all from spanking until today we are trying time-out. You first want to ask yourself why me and what did i do wrong? But i have come to realize that this is a stage because yesterday in the children's trading post, a boy her same age did the same thing and i kept thinking- thank you god that i am not alone and for once it wasn't my child. So i will let you know how it goes and i will gladly take any suggestions on how to prevent it. we have been doing this for months. Another thing kylee is enjoying right now is hitting the dog with anything, her golfclubs, her bats, anything really-she thinks Zoe is playing but Zoe is annoyed. The only place Zoe can hide is on top of the bed. The last thing is Kylee is very, very attached to me. she thinks nobody can do it except me. She did do good in church today since she screamed in the nursery and i had to go get her. However, Kylee is the best thing that has ever happened to me and i really enjoy being a mommy, i just keep telling my self it is only a stage.